Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Masters or slaves?

It is disconcerting how technology gives us the "bum's rush" sometimes. It's like this. I have important work to do, most of it online, and most of the morning the power fails, I sit there fidgeting, reading a novel (Evelyn Waugh's "The Loved Ones"), not knowing what to do. Then the power comes on, I switch on the computer, and, and, the net is so slow, it's almost impossible to surf.

Ever faced this problem? I am sure you have. During the deluge in Bombay cell phones didn't work, during the bomb blasts emergency services went on a blink, etc. Now coming to think about it, can you imagine how much we are dependent on our little chargers for our cell phones, our digital cameras, our laptops, and our PDAs. Are we the masters of all these technology, or are we slaves still?
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Types of Cell Phones

Have you wondered what types of cell phones exist in the market? I have. And here's a very good classification I have found.

Camera phones are hugely popular and are developing all the time as the cameras become more and more high resolution enabling for better quality photos. You can also send these pictures to friends with compatible phones via picture messaging; the price of which will depend on which of the various cellular phone providers you are with. Some camera phones can have zooms, mirrors for self-portraits and rotating cameras to make things easier. Multimedia messaging allows for pictures and sounds and text messages to be combined in one.

PDA phones (where PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant) is usually the most expensive cell phone types because you can do so much with them. Currently with anything up to 400 MHz processor speed and a max of 64MB of memory they are mini computers on the move with amazing quality TFT color screens and very many features and room for more with expansion slots. Word processing, spreadsheets, the list goes on. These include Pocket PC Phones which are a scaled down version of the Windows you have on your PC from Microsoft.

TV phones streaming television to your phone. The cell phones on this page all have streaming TV capability that will allow you watch TV right on your cell phone screen. This breakthrough in technology is just beginning to get real HOT. Show your friends and co-workers that you have the coolest cell phone in town - order your TV cell phone today!

Bluetooth phones are the wave of the future! Bluetooth technology allows your cell phone to be aware of other Bluetooth-enabled devices that are physically nearby. This means that your cell phone can intelligently communicate with other devices like, for example, a wireless hands-free headset so that you don't need clumsy wires in order to use your headset.
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Thursday, September 07, 2006

1000 minutes free!

Wirefly is offering 1000 minutes family time wireless plan, which gives your family 1000 shared minutes and unlimited T-mobile to T-mobile minutes for just $ 50 a month for 2 years.

Cellular choices currently has a very attractive deal on the Samsung T809 MP3 music cell phone for T-mobile. This music phone is free after rebate when purchased with a new T-mobile service plan.

While at it look at these cell phones. Cool, aren't they? Just right for the teen crowd.
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nokia's 6800, best cell phone for messaging

One of my favorite phones is Nokia 6800. It enables sending and receiving of messages with its QWERTY touch pad. And since I message quite a bit, this is the phone I am going to watch out, to me at least. Even my son, a teenager, who likes to send jokes on his cell phone, likes it and he says nothing can beat it for performance and easy transmitting of short message on this cell phone. Mostly we prefer messaging each other than calling as it is cheaper.

However, one drawback is that downloading ring tones, games and graphics are not
yet available for the Nokia 6800 phone. Nokia also has a compact and light travel charger that is small and has a convenient cable management with the cord wrapping up inside the charger.
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Monday, September 04, 2006

Which cell phone plan is best for you?

There are several sites that offer advice on cell phones and cell phone plans. Why even information on free cellular phones and best cellular phones are available gratis on the net. A look at these sites is a must before embarking on the best cell phone plan that will suit you and your family.

Some such sites are:

www.letstalk.com/ On this site you can compare cell phones, research cellular phones, free cell phones, compare cell phone plans, cell phone accessories, wireless phones, mobile phones.

www.point.com/ Point.com compares deals on cell phones and cellular plans from across the web. It finds the best new and free cell phone deals from Verizon and T-Mobile and posts them online for consumers to make their choices.

www.wirelessguide.org/ Modeled as the buyer's guide to cellular phones and wireless service plans it claims to teach netizens how to get the best deal for their cellular plan, cell phones and cell phone accessories.

One site you can't give a miss if you have a family and are confused about what cell phone plan to use is www.cell-phones-n-plans.com. This site claims to enable users to make a more informed decision – a quick and an easy assessment of the best wireless phones, best cell carriers, even the most popular mobile features– saving immeasurable amounts of time and money.

Whether it is a wireless phone the user can rely on while traveling to international destinations, or a cell phone a home maker can rely on for coordinating children's schedules, or pay-as-you-go cell phones for children, this site has the best plans all lined up for user. Even several free nights and weekends plans are covered.

And there's more. Here's where you can send a FREE text message or Upload FREE ringtones and files. Also there is a money saving "Off the Hook" agreement that teenagers can sign for a more responsible use of the cell phone.

www.myrateplan.com/ If the user is interested in a cell phone family plan but want two different phones this site offers the right solutions. The user can build own combination here!

www.t-mobile.com/  This is a wireless phone company that provides cell phones and cellular calling plans.

www.cellphones.about.com/od/serviceplans/ This about.com page lists cell phone plans for those looking for cheap plans or those who need the best plan for their needs.