Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sony DCR-DVD108 Camcorder

Looking for an entry-level camcorder are you? Then the Sony DCR-DVD 108 camcorder is the right one for you. At least that is what I feel after using it for almost a month now.

In fact I am not to be blamed for falling in love with this piece of gadgetry. Of course, it may lack frills, offering only manual controls and 640x480 stills. The Sony DCR-DVD108’s slender upright design can save a lot of space in the camera bag.

Its lens has a filter diameter of 30mm. It also has a 40x optical zoom lens that offers a focal length of 1.9mm-76mm (36mm-1440mm when converted to 35mm for both movies and stills). You will find the lens cover switch to the bottom left of the lens.

The lens cover looks lustrous with its milled black finish. Below the lens you will find the remote sensor, followed by a rigid plastic port cover housing the AV out terminal. A rugged plastic strip secures the port cover.

This camcorder certainly beats the price barrier when looks and functionalities are concerned. It has cool features, even better looks and it fits snugly into my hand.

The Sony DCR-DVD108 Camcorder is a dependable modern day toy to carry and flaunt on my holiday. It sure beats my digital camera as it can shoot pictures too.